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If you had complete trust in a highly skilled financial executive and you had the opportunity to make exactly the same investments they did…would you?

  • Paul Sebetic had a 33-year career as a corporate chief financial officer and a financial executive at large Wall Street firms.
  • After comprehensive research and analysis, he has developed a strategy designed specifically for his retirement that he believes is far superior to competing products.
  • The portfolio consists of approximately one hundred securities that have been comprehensively screened and are continuously evaluated.
  • With more than 80% of his personal net worth invested in this portfolio, Paul is meticulous in the management of these investments.
  • From asset allocation to stock selection to portfolio turnover to currency exchange to tax efficiency, Paul understands that these “little things” can compound into substantially higher investment returns over a thirty-year investment horizon.
  • Sebetic Advisors is pleased to offer this same strategy to clients via the secure advanced technology of Interactive Brokers.
  • Clients can now benefit from Paul’s extensive financial market, stock selection, and portfolio management experience for a fraction of what other firms charge.

Our Founder

Paul Sebetic

  • A CPA with an MBA in Finance from NYU Stern School of Business
  • 33-year career as a corporate chief financial officer and financial executive at Wall Street firms
  • Vast experience raising corporate funds, valuing companies and completing mergers & acquisitions
  • Passion and financial acumen to drill into corporate financial statements and understand a company’s true value
  • Developed a Proprietary Valuation Model specific to the needs of the retirement investor
  • Managed corporate and personal investment portfolios as well as corporate 401K plans
  • Managed the preparation of financial statements and all SEC filings for several publicly traded companies

Our Objectives

Provide Growth and Income

  • Provide reliable monthly income for retirement investors that over time grows at the rate of inflation
  • Longer life expectancies means investing for growth is vital
    • Ensure high allocation to quality stocks
    • Target returns exceeding the S&P 500 over a full market cycle

Strong Alignment of Our Mutual Goals

  • Almost all of the founder’s net worth is invested in this strategy
  • Sebetic Advisors strictly adheres to the registered investment advisor fiduciary standard – always act in the best interest of clients
  • Sebetic Advisors will never accept any fees/funds from any source other than clients
  • Client fee terms are very clear
  • Sebetic Advisors will always seek to minimize conflicts of interest with clients

Ensure Low Cost and Tax Efficiency

  • Each portfolio is managed to minimize taxes by taking advantage of:
    • Lower tax rates for dividends and capital gains
    • Deferring taxes with longer holding periods
  • If a client invests in both an IRA and a taxable account, Sebetic Advisors will optimize location of assets for further tax benefits
  • Low fees
    • Management fee is approximately 50% of the average financial advisor fee (source:
    • Qualified investors can select an even lower management fee with a performance fee component that only pays if the investor does better than the S&P 500

Provide Intelligent Risk Management

  • Protect against the REAL risks facing retirement investors such as:
    • Failure to provide annual distributions for spending
    • Failure of distributions to keep up with inflation
    • A permanent loss of capital impacting future distributions or ending value
    • Failure to safe guard assets